Elixir Notes

Elixir books

I’ve been learning myself some Elixir lately. Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to sip while I really want to be gulping the stuff down. There aren’t enough hours in a day. Sometimes a week passes between study sessions and it’s hard for me to find my bearings when I come back to the language after a break. So I’ve started writing some study notes. I find that it helps me internalise the syntax and makes what I’m learning more sticky. The result is more than just a cheat sheet, but remains easy to glance through.

It’s a work in progress, but might be useful to somebody: Elixir notes.

Elixir is a functional, meta-programming aware language built on top of the Erlang VM. It is a dynamic language that focuses on tooling to leverage Erlang’s abilities to build concurrent, distributed and fault-tolerant applications with hot code upgrades.

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