Moving a virtual machine from VMWare Fusion to VMWare Server

I am running VMWare Fusion 2.0.x at home, and VMWare Server 2.0.x on my Ubuntu workstation at work. I wanted to move a virtual machine created on VMWare Fusion to VMWare Server.

Some gotchas that I’ve come across:

64-bit and VT mode

64-bit virtual machines are only supported on CPUs that have VT mode.

Fusion-only feature not handled gracefully by Server

If your .vmx file has the following line, remove it.

serial0.fileType = "thinprint"

VMWare Server does not support this feature, and crashes when you try to import the virtual machine.


After importing the virtual machine, when you power it on for the first time, VMWare will ask you whether you moved it or copied it. Tell VMWare that you moved it. Otherwise, you will have to manually update the ethernet adapter settings to get networking back up.

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