Why is the iPhone a big deal?

Oh hellooo there

I know this. Put an iPhone into my hands, and I want to build software for it. There is just something about this device that compels me. I want to write something for it, even if I end up being the only user of my creation.

I never have this reaction when I interact with Windows Mobile & co. I wouldn’t even bother downloading the SDK unless I’m working for a shop that builds applications for one of these platforms.

So I do download the iPhone SDK and I check it out. And I go wow, I can do all this with minimal fuss? This thing makes me look good! But wait it gets better. They give me an app store that allows me to reach millions of customers. Sign me up!

And ladies and gentlemen, this is why the iPhone is a big deal. There are thousands and thousands of developers out there who are thinking the exact same thing.

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