New Look, Same Great Taste

FreeBSD Logo

I have migrated this blog over to the new VPS. This site is now powered by FreeBSD 6.1.

I’ve also finally upgraded to WordPress 2.0 and while I was at it, I decided it was time to get rid of the default theme. I worked on some design concepts for the new look, but in the end I decided to keep things simple and lightweight. The current theme is a modified version of K2 Beta Two by Michael Heilemann & Chris J Davis.

I have also done some reorganisation. The preferred address for the blog is now I know, I know, good URLs don’t change. I’ve made sure that all the old permalinks still work as before. I am just doing this now so that I can switch things around at some time in the distant future.

Expect some changes in the coming weeks. I’m not done yet.

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