Honours Degree

I am playing with the idea of pursuing a honours degree in Computer Science. I visited my ex-university lecturer and project supervisor during the lunch break today and she floated the idea to me. I was actually offered the posibility to do honours in Multimedia when I graduated last year, but I already had a job lined up and wanted to get out there and work. It’s funny how things can change in one year.

So here I am, thinking of doing postgrad studies. It will have to be part time. I will be insanely busy with both work and studies, but the more I think about it the more I’m attracted to the idea. But there’s much to think about. I am weighing my commitment. One does not do a honours degree, part time, for anything less than a first class honours. And I will have to get a loan for the tuition fees. On the plus side, I now have permanent residency in Australia and I won’t have to pay the exhorbitant international student rates.

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